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Your rainbow is strongly shaded red and green.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.
oK guys so im back from the release of BD.... and i have to say that my perspective is a lot diferent...

i dunno if it was the hype and atmosphere surrounding the party... the games.. seeing the fandom of my city all in one place waiting anxiously for it...

i honestly thought i was gonna be little: "YOU POOR SUCKERS..."

but no, even if I know everything that is going to happen i can say that im still exited... i really want to start and see where it leads us jajaj

so with this new attitude here i go.... wish me luck
So after accepting the truth and brainwashing myself into thinking that it didn't matter i've decided to go to the realease party of Breaking Dawn.

I've figured that even if the plot comes straight out of a bad fanfiction, we should still be able to get glimpses and moments that we love from of favorite characters.

i now have an open mind and im willing to give SM a chance to convince mi rather confused mind with this last instalment.

afterwards i think i'll still be able to love the twilight saga.

I will forever love with the perfect Edward as the vampire that he is! Lust for the hotness that is Jacob Black that only werewolves can pull off, and totally relate to Bella because lord knows walking on flat surfaces is a challenge to me as well every day!

my love for those characters will never cease and even if the plot is crazy and crack induced i think i'll still be able to enjoy the novel!

i hope everyone has calmed down about this sad time in our fandom and that we can open be more flexible and give SM a break.

Thank you guys! for giving me an outlet to all my frustration this past week and hope everyone enjoys reading the book, or at the least i hope all you have a pleasent weekend!!


ok people im not writting any spoilers in this post.

I understand why everyone is upset. Id be lying if i said i wasnt mad about them because i am but guys lets just take a moment to step back and BREATHE!!


if the spoilers are true as we're seeing that they are then lets just each of us choose our favorite moment of the past books and let it end there.

Twilight is still an amazing story that we can enjoy if we just take the parts we want.

if this is the way SM wanted it to be then it had to be this way

its not very logical that she took this route but its her story. I am disapointed and if the rumors are true then my ending will be in eclipse.

please guys lets try to stay united, it really doesn't matter if we are team jacob, team edward or team mike! jeje

lets at least be respectful of each other!
What makes you feel better when you're mad?

taking a drive and listening to either really loud music(to get my anger out) on my car or soft mellow music (to finally calm down).
So I can't sleep, and I thought Id just post something on live journal, though I don't think anyone will read it.
I hate it when insomnia strikes and I spend all night thinking about stuff. This usually happens to me when I'm stressed or have a lot on my mind. My brain just keeps going and going, and I just can't find sleep.
And I really do feel tired, but I dunno, my brain just wont stop! Has anyone had that ever happened to them? If you are reading this by some odd coincidence and can't sleep either, then tell me what do you think about? jajaj not be noisy or anything! just a little curious. To be honest here's what I think about:

1. Final exams - I hate finals! by the time they arrive I'm so tired I nearly not care about them, till two days after when I start craming a semester worth of material into my head.

2. Love- aaahh the complication. jajaj lets just say I hate mixed messages and I hate when two people are just meant to be and keep avoiding each other because of stupid ulterior motives.

3. everything and nothing! jaja

I just hate that I can't sleep cause then tomorrow I'll wake up cranky and I know I'll be a pain in the ass to my friends. Oh well! I guess I'll try again!

If for some reason you can't sleep either! then good luck! I hope you do get some rest tonight!

Name three life-changing experiences you went through and explain why you chose those experiences in particular.

1. breaking up an engagement. I fell in love way to young and actually believed he was the one. Well long story short he wasn't and that way to young engagement broke off ( by him). That taught me to depend on myself, and not to be dependent on others for your happiness. and to never be with someone who puts you down and makes you feel bad about yourself.

2. actually paying for my college. There is nothing more eye opening than actually trying to survive on your own, school, rent, work, etc.

3. Falling in love again. letting myself believe that even though I didn't need anyone to COMPLETE me, I did want someone to COMPLEMENT me. And to actually let myself trust another guy with my heart was tough, but totally worth it. I still don't know if he is "the one," but at least now I know that despite everything, there are good men out there. I know it! I got one :D <3
What is your biggest dream? How do you plan to achieve it?

jaja to be happy!
What are you looking forward to in 2008?

a new life!! to start over !!:D
well this is a bit weird!! jaaj im still new at this... so I guess wish everyone very happy holidays with the people they love!! and hope they get a lot og gifts:P! jajajaja. today i just spent all day cooking wiht my mum and grandma, so i just wanted to start this journal, that was on my mind since forever!! jaja so i guess this is good bye for now!! see ya later!